Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I honestly fucking love this posepack.

Things actually look good and they look like something i would actually use. I hope you guys actually will use them too. But thats not it. My old pose pack, Couchtime, has over 100 downloads, so I thought it was worth poselist enabling it by adding it to this pose pack. Remember to like and reblog if you like it. Enjoy!


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~You bring light to my window like the morning sun. You bring music to my ears like the chirping birds. You are the fragrance that I smell from the flowers and the coffee that refreshes me. I wonder what would I ever do without you my love~

American boy, American boy <3

Excerpts from a contest I did not too long ago. The theme was bohemian grunge.

Whatever that may be ahaha.

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I never meant to start a war..
Don’t you ever say I just walked awayI will always want you.I came in like a wrecking ballI never hit so hard in loveAll I wanted was to break your wallsAll you ever did was wreck me.
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I am the light …
what a sucky quote


God I love her so much

Yay, for new poses ^_^